E-commerce is any sort of business transaction that is conducted through online platforms. A clear example of this type of business is online shopping and selling. Over the last decade, many companies, despite having physical premises, have built online presences in social media platforms. Notably, other companies are conducting their business purely online. Companies today also have websites and applications where they communicate about their services and products. They also allow customers to buy the commodities and have them delivered at their doorsteps.

Due to technological advancement, e-commerce is growing at a very fast pace. Today, the largest population depends on the internet to carry out activities be it business or personal issues. E-commerce is not only making companies grow, but it is also helping to make people’s lives easier. Consider a customer who is buying a product online from a company that is based overseas and having the product delivered to them on time.

One main advantage that e-commerce has presented to businesses is that they are now able to reach global markets. To sell a product or service, a company does not need to be physically located in the customer’s location since the demands can be fulfilled online. Consequently, this has led to increased sales for a company. Marketing has also become easy. This is because; the marketing message can be spread very fast across online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

E-commerce also exposes consumers to a wide variety of products and services. When a person needs something, the first thing to do nowadays is to search for it through the internet. A buyer gets to know the different types or forms of the product they need. Comparison of the products is usually made easy by the customer reviews that are usually on companies’ online platform. For such reasons, e-commerce has become preferable to many people, and it is here to stay as long as technology continues to grow.